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Tunnel and micro tunnel plastics

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sandia invernaderoSmall tunnels are primarily aimed at increasing prematurity on the plantation. Inside the small tunnel, the level of protection against adverse conditions (cold, wind or frost) depends on the formulation of the film chosen.

The small tunnels almost used with the mulching film allow to increase the performance in a very simple way.

These structures create the same effect as a greenhouse on the crop and are used mainly in the vegetative phase of the plant.

Advantages of these plastics:
- Thin plastic, to ensure that their use is very profitable.
- High mechanical strength for mechanized placement .
- Thermic Plastics
- can be with antifrog additive.
- Depending on the crops drilling available
- Excellent optical properties, high transparency.
- Width from 0.50 up to 3.60 meters up sheet and 7.20 meters in mono fold.

We offer a range of plastic film for small tunnels from 1600 to 2500 mm wide, whose characteristics meet specific needs

Plasticos tunel deltalene