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Shading Paint

These paints limit heating inside greenhouses and constitute a barrier against infrared and UV rays.


Shade paints are temporary paints intended for cultivation under cover. These paints limit heating inside greenhouses and constitute a barrier against infrared and UV rays. Applied in early spring, they self-eliminate under the action of fall precipitation.

  • Thermal protection for your greenhouses.
  • Crop protection solutions.

We sell painting intended for shading glass or plastic greenhouses shading and all kind of industrial and urban glazing.

DELTALENE succeeded in becoming to become a specialist of the heating and lighting regulation inside the greenhouses.

Benefits of DELTALENE products:

  • Protection against infrared and U.V. rays
  • Limitation of the overheating inside greenhouses that may damage plants.
  • Optimized shading.

Applied in early spring to prevent hot temperatures, the shading paint eliminates itself when exposed to autumn rainfall in order to allow more luminosity inside greenhouses, which is essential at this time of the year.

To facilitate the elimination of the shading paint, We have the appropriate cleaning solution, which enables a fast and less aggressive removal. We also developed a special paint for hoop houses to increase the life time of the plastic cover, otherwise shortered by the heating of the hoops.

DELTALENE shading paints are mainly composed of natural elements. All DELTALENE products are designed and manufactured in France.

  • Can be applied on glass or plastic screens.
  • Excellent weatherability.
    Adjustable shading intensity according to dilution rate.
  • Eliminates itself overtime.
  • Protection against infrared and U.V. rays.

DELTALENE Horticole is the most opaque and homogeneous shading paint. It is therefore the right one for regions with high degree of sun exposure. With its natural earth-toned color, DELTALENE Horticole provides an optimum shading as well as a comfortable climate inside greenhouses.

Shade paint cleaning solution for agricultural greenhouses.

  • Water-thinnable gelified concentrate
  • Adapted to glass and plastic greenhouses
  • Spray application

To eliminate the paints at the end of the shading season, DELTALENE has developed a specific shading remover : DELTALENE GEL.

Sprayed on greenhouse, any paint residue will be removed. The greenhouses will become transparent again.

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