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Agricultural Plastics



factory in Europe, with an annual production of 60,000 tons. All our plastic films are co-extruded and can be manufactured up to 19m wide.



A complete range with excellent quality and specially formulated for the most demanding farmers.

All our plastic films for greenhouses are made with top quality virgin resins, selected with extremely rigorous specifications.

The manufacturing is carried out by multi-layer co-extrusion with advanced technology machines.
Our experience of more than 40 years in the formulation and worldwide marketing of plastic films for greenhouses allows us to offer innovative and technical products with the greatest safety for the user.


Colorless thermal diffusing plastic film stabilized for several seasons.
• Good light distribution for greater uniformity of light in the greenhouse.
• Reinforced greenhouse effect.
• Thermal gain overnight.

With this plastic, you will be able to start the harvesting 7-10 prior to regular harvesting time, and increase the production up to a 15%.


Thermal plastic film stabilized for several seasons. GLASS MICROSPHERES.
•    Good light distribution for higher homogeneity of light in the greenhouse.
•    Reinforced greenhouse effect.
•    Thermal gain overnight.
•    Reinforced greenhouse effect.

Our entire range of greenhouse films are resistant to pesticides thanks to new additives much more resistant to sulfur and chlorine.



Our range of products is based on high resistance plastics (transparent or black), plastics with certified AFNOR certification adapted to some crops (strawberry and vine).

Photodegradable plastics for growing corn, plastics with hems for growing asparagus ... 

These plastics can be manufactured in different sizes to suit the final crop and can be punctured upon request



Allows mechanization of crops and large-scale production. Used in all kinds of crops (melon, strawberries, tomatoes, asparagus, lettuce, among others)

Advantages of these plastics:

  • Improves the groth of the harvest.
  • Eliminates or limits the growth of weeds.
  • Saves water and reduces evaporation.
  • Protects the fruits against soiling.
  • Preserves and improves the structure of the soil.
  • Increases the light intensity to plants by light reflection.

Each type of mulch has been developed to meet specific needs: the thermal effect, the herbicidal effect (which reduces the weeds), the preservation of the soil structure or the reduccion of evaporation.

Its goals is to improve the groth and yield of crops.



Film made of LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).

Thickness between 150 and 300 microns (600-1200 galgas).

This completely opaque silage plastic keeps the fodder completely isolated from any contact with air, which allows to maintain its nutritional value while keeping it in suitable conditions for its consumption according to the livestock needs.



These plastics are used to make fodder reserves (grass or corn) for livestock. (grass or corn) for livestock.

The silage plastics are co-extruded (three layers) and are available in widths from 3 to 16 meters, and are available in widths from 3 to 16 meters. There are several types of standard products in black (150 or 180 microns), silage plastic with the AFNOR LABEL (150 microns) and black / green co-extruded plastics in 145 microns.

Pre-stretched plastics are produced from 100% octane raw materials (Excellent mechanical stretching properties, very resistant in the transverse and longitudinal directions).


ESPESOR150 Microns180 Microns
Breaking strength16 Mpa17 Mpa
Elongation resistance
- longitudinal
- transverse
300 %
400 %
500 %
Impact resistance280g300g
  • Excellent adhesion.
  • Low gas permeability.
  • Very good elastic memory.
  • Stabilized against ultraviolet (UV) rays.
  • 100% recyclable product.
  • Pre-stretched - superior elastic memory.
  • Maintains tightening tension.
  • Good puncture resistance.
  • 3-layer stretch film - 100% LLDPE.
  • 12 month warranty once outside.




The main objective of small tunnels is to increase the groth of the crop.

Inside the tunnel, the level of protection against adverse conditions (cold, wind or frost) depends on the formulation of the chosen film.



The tunnels, which are almost always used together with the padding, allow to increase performance in a very simple way.

The tunnels are made of several small metal and plastic arches.

These structures create the same effects as a greenhouse for the crop and are mainly used in the first vegetative phase of the plant.

Vine and fruit cover (Cherry, Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry...)


Viñasol – ARALUX 

Advantages of these plastics:

  • Low thickness plastic, which make its use very profitable.
  • High mechanical resistance for mechanized placement.
  • Plastics with high thermicity.
  • Anti-fog type available.
  • Available in different punctures to suit different crops.
  • Excellent optical properties, high transparency

Viñasol – ARALUX

Width from 0,50 meters  to 3.60 meters per sheet and up to 7.20 meters per single fold. We offer you a range of plastic tunels from 1600 to 2500 mm wide, with properties to meet specific needs.

Our range of products is based on high resistance plastics (transparent or black), plastics with certified AFNOR certification adapted to some crops (strawberry and vine), photodegradable plastics for growing corn, plastics with hems for growing asparagus. 

These plastics can be manufactured in different sizes to suit the final crop and can be punctured upon request

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