Multi-tunnel Greenhousesmulti-tunel invernaderos

MultiArt technical innovation with its Gothic style – Its shape allows a significant increase in performance: more light, more resistance, lack of fall and higher production
The structures are manufactured according to UNI, they are original and patented. The materials used are galvanized Sendzimir or hot dipped galvanized .

Features of the structure:

Archs with tubes of Ø 60 mm
Standard spout diameter 60 mm, 75 × 45 mm, 80 x 50 mm 80 x 80 mm
Wheelbase of 2.00 to 2.50 – 3.00 – 4,00-5,00-6,00 mt.
Fixing of plastic over aluminum and pvc


  • 12.00m
  • 11.30m
  • 9.60m
  • 9.00m
  • 8.00m
  • 6.40m

If you wish to receive further information (height of the gutter, height of the ridge, etc…) please contact us.

Invernaderos multi-tunel deltalene
Invernaderos multi-tunel deltalene
Invernaderos multi-tunel deltalene

Tunnel Greenhouse

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Su forma de tipo gótico permite una mejora significativa en el rendimiento: más luz, más resistencia, no gotea y un mayor volumen.

Las instalaciones cumplen con las normas vigentes.
El material utilizado es galvanizado Sendzimir o galvanizado en caliente.

Características de las estructuras:

  • Arcos con tubos de Ø 60 mm
  • La distancia entre los postes pueden ser de 1,00 – 1,50 – 2,00 – 2,50 – 3,00 metros.
  • Tubos de refuerzo de los extremos Ø 32 mm
  • Tubos de Ø 32 mm de refuerzo transversal
  • Cabezal rectangular
  • Fijación de láminas de plástico con perfiles de aluminio y PVC

Invernaderos de tunel

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Garden Center GardenitaliaGarden Center

Gardenitalia ofrece una amplia gama de servicios para crear, diseñar, inventar y mejorar los centros de jardinería con productos de primera calidad.

Cristal Greenhouses

Suitable for all types of applications, glass greenhouses are very resistant and have excellent results in low light areas.

This type of greenhouse greenhouses allow you to have fully sealed and fully automated heating and climate control

The material used is all hot dip galvanized.


This type of structure has different options for coverage:
• Glass
• Sandwich panel
• Ondex, polycarbonate, etc …

invernaderos de cristal

Solar Panels Greenhouses

Part of the roof surface is formed with photovoltaic panels.

The minimum height is 2 / 2, 5 meters, the maximum height is 5.5 / 6 meters with an average slope gradient of 25 °

The ventilation is ensured on both sides

The side opening allows for ventilation and helps to perfect the optimum cooling of the panels also ensures an adequate level of internal light in the greenhouse.Invernaderos con placas fotovoltaicas

Iron and glass structure, formed by square tube that are placed on the modular armor of 3.20 meters.

Estructura invernaderos

Multisun structure is produced with the following dimensions:

6,00 MT- 6,40 MT – 9,60 MT

invernaderos placas

invernaderos con placas fotovoltaicas


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